[Mailman-Users] Mailman and sendmail...

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Jan 28 21:44:13 CET 2003

That being the case, check out FAQ 3.14 which covers the most common
reasons for mail not going out to list.

Good Luck - Jon Carnes

On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 18:32, Adam wrote:
> Jon, thanks for the ideas. However, I can't see how sendmail is failing. It 
> works fine with pine (even has a hostname here) 
> with /etc/hosts, /etc/mail/local-mail-hosts both reflecting the domain name. It 
> really seems to have no normal problems, until used in conjunction with 
> mailman. 
> Thanks again, 
> adam

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