[Mailman-Users] Upgrade from 2.0x to 2.1

Parker, David K dparker at ci.bryan.tx.us
Tue Jan 28 23:21:22 CET 2003

I've done as you suggested but I keep getting the following messages every
few minutes:

Subject: Cron <root at mailgate> /usr/bin/python -S /var/mailman/cron/qrunner
Body: /usr/bin/python: can't open file '/var/mailman/cron/qrunner'

Here are the contents of the crontab.in file

# At 8AM every day, mail reminders to admins as to pending requests.
# They are less likely to ignore these reminders if they're mailed
# early in the morning, but of course, this is local time... ;)
0 8 * * * /usr/bin/python -S /var/mailman/cron/checkdbs
# At 9AM, send notifications to disabled members that are due to be
# reminded to re-enable their accounts.
0 9 * * * /usr/bin/python -S /var/mailman/cron/disabled
# Noon, mail digests for lists that do periodic as well as threshhold
0 12 * * * /usr/bin/python -S /var/mailman/cron/senddigests
# 5 AM on the first of each month, mail out password reminders.
0 5 1 * * /usr/bin/python -S /var/mailman/cron/mailpasswds
# Every 5 mins, try to gate news to mail.  You can comment this one out
# if you don't want to allow gating, or don't have any going on right now,
# or want to exclusively use a callback strategy instead of polling.
0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /usr/bin/python -S
# At 3:27am every night, regenerate the gzip'd archive file.  Only
# turn this on if the internal archiver is used and
# GZIP_ARCHIVE_TXT_FILES is false in mm_cfg.py
27 3 * * * /usr/bin/python -S /var/mailman/cron/nightly_gzip


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This will get your cron jobs reset.

Remember, they are running as user 'mailman'.

as root or mailman user, run:

crontab -u mailman -r
crontab -u mailman mailman_dir/cron/crontab.in

The first command will remove all the mailman cron jobs.
The second will put in just the 2.1 cron jobs.

Note that your "mailman_dir" may be /var/local/mailman (or something 
else), instead of the default source install of /usr/local/mailman.

Parker, David K wrote:
> I'm getting errors generated after upgrading from 2.0x to 2.1. I think 
> its related to Cfron jobs being scheduled to run. Both installs of 
> Mailman were done via RPM. I'm guessing that the latest RPM didn't 
> take care of the Cron jobs? Any hints on cleaning this up? I've been 
> through the UPGRADE doc.


John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own

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