[Mailman-Users] RE: mailman-2.1-1.i386.rpm (Group mismatch)

Matthew Davis matthew.davis at dogpound.vnet.net
Wed Jan 29 00:32:00 CET 2003

* Parker, David K (dparker at ci.bryan.tx.us) wrote:
> Ok, I figured out you cannot copy the mailmanctl script to the init.d
> directory. This is why mailmanctl failed to start. But, I have another
> stumbling block. Messages are rejected with the following:
> <test1-request at mailgate.ci.bryan.tx.us>: Command died with status 2:
>     "/var/mailman/mail/mailman request test". Command output: Group mismatch
>     error.  Mailman expected the mail wrapper script to be executed as group
>     "mail", but the system's mail server executed the mail script as group
>     "nobody".  Try tweaking the mail server to run the script as group
> "mail",
>     or re-run configure,  providing the command line option
>     `--with-mail-gid=nobody'.

And this is one reason I'm not a big fan of rpm's for mailman.  They work
for some people, but not everyone.  The error description is very nice, it
tells you exactly what to do.  But considering you installed from an RPM,
you never ran the ./configure file in the first place.

You can either change the mail group on your system from 'nobody' to 'mail'
or you can get the SRPM and rebuild it to use --with-mail-gid=nobody.

Matthew Davis

To boldly go and watch Star Trek re-runs.

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