[Mailman-Users] 2nd request: migrating a list from 1.1 to 2.1 hosts?

Tom Neff tneff at grassyhill.org
Wed Jan 29 03:16:08 CET 2003

--On Tuesday, January 28, 2003 5:44 PM -0500 Matthew Davis 
<matthew.davis at dogpound.vnet.net> wrote:
> -[ From mailman-2.1/UPGRADING ]-
> UPGRADING FROM 1.x to 2.x [...]

Yes, I read that document (and I've used its advice in the past), 
unfortunately it doesn't cover my present situation because I'm not really 
"upgrading" any existing installation of Mailman.  The 1.1 host is going to 
stay 1.1, and the 2.1 host is already running.  I just want to migrate some 
lists from one to the other.

I seem to have a couple of options which I will label "A" and "2". :)

 A: Clone the MM1.1 directory somewhere (on either the original or new 
host) and then "upgrade" that clone to 2.1.  Copy the resulting config into 
the real 2.1 tree as a new list.  (I should probably pre-create the 
migrated lists on the 2.1 host first, so I can do selective file overwrites 
without missing some of the structure.  The upgraded clone directory can be 
deleted afterwards.

 2: Create a 'template list' on the 2.1 host and dump the configs to text 
using dumpdb.  Back-migrate dumpdb to the 1.1 host and use it to dump the 
1.1 list to text.  Extract just the member info from the 1.1 dump.  Edit it 
to change numeric flag values (they seem to have changed a bit - no pun 
intended).  Insert the modified member info into the template 2.1 dumps - 
the rest can be recreated in a few minutes.  Use my 'loaddb' add-on to 
rebuild a working marshal from the modified dump.  Go to the admin 
interface for that list and change list names, policies etc, as needed.  A 
lot can be cut-n-pasted from the two hosts with two browser windows.

I hope that the developer(s) understand that with the continued spread of 
Mailman, situations were listowners need to *migrate*, rather than 
upgrading in place, will be more common.  It would be great to have some 
kind of robust export capability that was more or less version independent.

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