[Mailman-Users] Permissions problems

Adam lists at monkeez.co.uk
Wed Jan 29 11:05:58 CET 2003

I've installed mailman from source (took John's advice) with --configure --prefix=/var/lib/mailman --with-mail-gid=78 --with-cgi-gid=72 (which was obtained from grep apache /etc/groups. 

I've also run ./check_perms -f, which then showed no problems. 

Put in ScriptAlias 	/mailman/	/var/lib/mailman/cgi-bin/ 
in httpd.conf. 

However, when I go to the webserver and go to http://www.myhost.com/mailman/listinfo, 

I get: 
You don't have permission to access /mailman/listinfo on this server.

Is there anything else I need to check? 

thanks in advance? 

Public Key available from www.monkeez.co.uk/public_key.asc

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