[Mailman-Users] Extracting subscriber list, hosting package with Mailman

Coen de Groot coen at coachcoen.com
Wed Jan 29 11:51:17 CET 2003

I use Mailman as part of a website hosting package to host a discussion list
with 750 active subscribers, with up to 30 messages a day. My host recently
told me that the list is generating too much traffic. So I need to move the

I have another host which uses EZMLM. They've told me that this level of
traffic would be no problem to them

However, to move to another host I need to subscribe the current subscribers
at the new host.

Question 1 - Is there any way I can get the list of subscribers, preferably
in a readable format, preferably with their settings (nomail, digest, etc).
Please note that I don't have access to the server, however I can ask my
host to do do it for me (provided I can give them simple instructions which
don't take too long to do and won't affect the other websites or lists)

Question 2 - Alternatively, does anyone know of a hosting package (I am not
ready for a dedicated server yet, alas) which includes Mailman which will
allow this sort of volume

Many thanks,


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