[Mailman-Users] Multiple messages

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Wed Jan 29 15:52:58 CET 2003

29-Jan-03 at 14:12, Tom (mm at simpletcpip.com) wrote :
> Once the mail comes back to our main mail server (Groupwise), the logs
> show one incoming message from the list admin to each local member of
> the list, which I guess is what you would expect.

> I'm on the list and I get 11 copies (not including the one CCd directly
> to me).  The strange thing is that messages sent directly from people at
> "N" work fine.  Messages sent to the list from anyone else work fine.
>  And after a bit of digging it seems that not all the recipients do get
> 11 copies, although I haven't been able to find a correlation between
> those that do and those that don't - though it does seem to be a per
> site rather than per person basis.

Are there 11 people in your domain who are in the list? If they're CCd
rather than having an single injection of email per recipient, then some
MTAs will indeed deliver 11 copies to each recipient. I'd still think
there was an MTA somewhere screwing up though... any clues in the

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