[Mailman-Users] Multiple messages

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Wed Jan 29 16:44:01 CET 2003

29-Jan-03 at 15:37, Tom (mm at simpletcpip.com) wrote :
> Ahh, thank you,
> The messages are sent TO the list and CCd to an internal (Groupwise) 
> distribution list.  The internal list contained a subset of those on the 
> list as well as a few others.  So I guess the GW MTA should notice that 
> and only give us two copies ... anyway, not to worry, if it is only the 
> people on the internal list getting the dupes it isn't a big deal.

Recursive aliases like that are always going to pose problems. The way I
see it:

- Mailman injects one mail per recipient on the list to the list
  members. Each also has ALL the people on the CC: line
- Groupwise then receives to several people on the internal list and
  starts doing funny stuff with mail routing because you have the To:
  recipient as a list + CC: dupes.
- Groupwise makes multiple deliveries because it cannot de-dupe the
  recipients in the To: line (they're not local, they're
  listname at listserver.dom), and will receive ONE email for EACH
  subscriber to the list and so 11 emails, each of which is expanded to
  each recipient internally, whether on the list or not.

Solution: create an internal list in Groupwise containing ALL
subscribers to the mailman list - don't CC all recipients but just CC
that internal list. Subscribers to mailman list who are also on internal
list get 2 copies, everyone else just one.

Or better still, get rid of the internal list and subscribe everyone to
the list who needs to be on it, and have just mailman manage it.

Other option: make the internal list contain only those who are not
subscribed to the mailman list, and subscribe an external address,
aliased to that list, to the mailman list.


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