[Mailman-Users] Reason: Message has implicit destination

Jim Hale jim-ml at halemail.dyndns.org
Thu Jan 23 02:05:36 CET 2003

Why does that happen though? As far as I know the people are just
putting the address of the list in their TO: Box and not the BBC: Box.

Also - you wouldn't happen to know how to change the size limit of
messages allowed to the list from 100K to 200K?

Thanks!! :)

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Jim Hale wrote:
> If I send a message to my lists they go thru just fine but if anyone 
> NOT on the same Email server as the Mailing List sends a message to a 
> list, I get a message saying that the messager requires approval 
> because
> 'Reason:  Message has implicit destination'. :/

means "the list was Bcc'ed".

you can allow that if you want.

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