[Mailman-Users] mailman-2.1-1.i386.rpm

Justin Georgeson jgeorgeson at unboundtech.com
Wed Jan 29 18:50:38 CET 2003

The RPM from RawHide isn't supported on RedHat 7.3 (or technically 
anywhere, since RawHide is the beta distro). RedHat 7.3 has 
/usr/bin/python (a 1.x binary from the 'python') and /usr/bin/python2 (a 
2.x binary from the 'python2'). I had to configure the spec file to 
depend on the python2 package, instead of the python package. I also 
changed a variable to point ot /usr/bin/python2 instead of 
/usr/bin/python. One post install script called `python` directly, so I 
changed that to use the variable.

In short, I back-ported the RPM from RawHide to 7.3.

Sorry for creating the confusion, I've been known to gloss over details 

Simon White wrote:
>>Simon White wrote:
>>>29-Jan-03 at 10:30, Justin Georgeson (jgeorgeson at unboundtech.com) wrote :
>>>>I have the latest package from RedHat (2.1-7) running on RedHat 7.3 over 
>>>>Postfix 1.7. I had to change the spec file slightly (use postfix and 
>>>>python2 instead of sendmail and python), and can give anyone who wants 
>>>>it a diff. The [beta] packages are available here:
>>>Funny that they should miss the key dependency: Mailman requires
> 29-Jan-03 at 10:52, Justin Georgeson (jgeorgeson at unboundtech.com) wrote :
>>They didn't miss it, the RPM is aimed at RedHat 8, which has python 2. 
>>RedHat 7.3 has two packages, python and python2, so you have to build it 
>>using /usr/bin/python2 instead of /usr/bin/python (--with-python option 
>>to configure)
> Yes, but why would the spec file have python in it - as I understood from
> "I had to change the spec file slightly (use postfix and python2 instead
> of sendmail and python)" when Mailman 2.x requires python2, so if the
> Mailman spec file for the RPM of 2.x has python in it and NOT python2
> there's a problem.
> However, I assume that /really/ the spec file just links to
> /usr/bin/python, expecting it to be python2, when some of us (like me,
> too) have /usr/bin/python -> python1.x and /usr/local/bin/python ->
> python2.x
> Something like that. That's me wasting time again. Gotta stop this
> knee-jerk mailinglist posting habit o'mine.

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