[Mailman-Users] email in TO: field

Alfred fredcool at inode.at
Wed Jan 29 19:06:05 CET 2003


now i upgrade to version 2.1 but i can not find in the configuration
for "turn on Personalization"
please can anyone tell me where i can find this configuration point



>Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com 
>Wed Jan 29 01:04:58 EST 2003

>You want each mail that goes out to list the individual user in the To:
>field (rather than the list address)?
>This is only possible with Mailman version 2.1.  You would need to
>configure your lists and turn on Personalization.

 > Hi,
 > i am a newbie in mailman and have a problem in my 
 > configuration: i setup mailman (2.0.13 under RedHat 8.0) 
 > without any problems and it run ok but when i send a message 
 > to the list every mail goes out as "bulk" email, i like to 
 > send out the messages with the right emailadress in TO: field
 > i can not find something in the mailman configuration to 
 > disable "bulk" in TO: field there is now list at HOSTNAME 
 > HOSTNAME = the hostname which is set in /etc/hosts
 > i like to run 2 lists with different hostnames, i setup 
 > every list correct but in the
 > TO: field there is ever the HOSTNAME
 > thanks for your help
 > Alfred 
 > ps. sorry for my bad english

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