[Mailman-Users] archive and .htaccess

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Wed Jan 29 19:21:06 CET 2003

29-Jan-03 at 12:11, Justin Georgeson (jgeorgeson at unboundtech.com) wrote :
> Aha! I just noticed that the archive link from
> https://<server>/mailman/listinfo/<list>/
> is
> http://<server>/pipermail/<list>/
> This may seem odd, and I'd rather not go into detail, but 
> http://<server> and https://<server> are different VirtualHost 
> configurations in my Apache installation. If I type in the same archive 
> URL with a https it works. I saw a post in the archives of this list 
> (mailman-users) earlier this month which seemed to be a similar 
> situation: the URL's are not consistent. Any idea how I correct this? 
> The DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN variable in /var/mailman/Mailman/Defaults.py is 
> set correctly (https://%s/mailman/).

Interesting... I just made a similar change and I'm hoping it's going to
work. Maybe it won't *shrug*

My next thought is to use Apache to rewrite the urls. It can be done,
but it should be consistent in Mailman in the first place. Anyone?

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