[Mailman-Users] Extracting subscriber list, hosting package with Mailman

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Wed Jan 29 22:44:21 CET 2003

Your current host should be able to send you the config.db file for each
of your lists.  Using that you can simply install the same version of
mailman, create the same listnames, then copy in the config.db files. 
After which you will need to use the with-list command to modify the
hostnames in the config.db files 

You might also want the mbox files from your current host so that you
can regenerate the archives of the list (assuming you had archives...)


Good Luck - Jon Carnes

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 05:51, Coen de Groot wrote:
> I use Mailman as part of a website hosting package to host a discussion list
> with 750 active subscribers, with up to 30 messages a day. My host recently
> told me that the list is generating too much traffic. So I need to move the
> list
> I have another host which uses EZMLM. They've told me that this level of
> traffic would be no problem to them
> However, to move to another host I need to subscribe the current subscribers
> at the new host.
> Question 1 - Is there any way I can get the list of subscribers, preferably
> in a readable format, preferably with their settings (nomail, digest, etc).
> Please note that I don't have access to the server, however I can ask my
> host to do do it for me (provided I can give them simple instructions which
> don't take too long to do and won't affect the other websites or lists)
> Question 2 - Alternatively, does anyone know of a hosting package (I am not
> ready for a dedicated server yet, alas) which includes Mailman which will
> allow this sort of volume
> Many thanks,
> Coen
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