[Mailman-Users] archive and .htaccess

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 30 09:08:45 CET 2003

At 00:30 30/01/2003, Justin Georgeson wrote:

>Richard Barrett wrote:
>>At 18:21 29/01/2003, Simon White wrote:
>>>29-Jan-03 at 12:11, Justin Georgeson (jgeorgeson at unboundtech.com) wrote :
>>> > Aha! I just noticed that the archive link from
>>> >
>>> > https://<server>/mailman/listinfo/<list>/
>>> >
>>> > is
>>> >
>>> > http://<server>/pipermail/<list>/
>>> >
>>> > This may seem odd, and I'd rather not go into detail, but
>>> > http://<server> and https://<server> are different VirtualHost
>>> > configurations in my Apache installation. If I type in the same archive
>>> > URL with a https it works. I saw a post in the archives of this list
>>> > (mailman-users) earlier this month which seemed to be a similar
>>> > situation: the URL's are not consistent. Any idea how I correct this?
>>> > The DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN variable in /var/mailman/Mailman/Defaults.py is
>>> > set correctly (https://%s/mailman/).
>>The link to a list on the page generated by 
>>prefix/Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py is determined by each list's web_page_url 
>>attribute. The value of this attribute is normally set when the list is 
>>created and is based to DEFAULT_URL or DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN combined with 
>>DEFAULT_URL_HOST or DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN values at that time. Another list 
>>attribute set at the same time is it's host_name attribute which  is set 
>>defined). This is used in setting the link to the archives on the page 
>>returned by the /listinfo/<list> URI.
>Every other link works so far. Only the archive link is wrong.
>$prefix/Mailman/Defaults.py. DEFAULT_HOST_NAME has the same value as 
>https:// in front of it (can I use %s there instead, like 
>DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN?). That didn't help.
>>If you want to change these list attributes for a given list then 
>>prefix/bin/withlist is your friend. The standard MM 2.1 distribution
>I want to have the defaults set such that I don't have to run 
>withlist/fix_url every time I create a list. I have one host that the 
>lists are serverd off of, and I want all the links to be https instead of 
>http. (Everything in the MailMan web interface should be viewed from 
>>has the $prefix/bin/fix_url.py script wto be used in conjunction with 
>>prefix/bin/withlist to reset a list's web_page_url and host_name. The 
>>values to which web_page_url and host_name are set by fix_url.py depend 
>>on the then current default MM parameters set in 
>>$prefix/Mailman/Defaults.py and $prefix/Mailman/mm_cfg.py and the options 
>>you put on the command line when running fix_url. See the code
>Given that setting those two didn't fix my existing test list, I tried 
>creating a second test list. I still have the same problem. Every link 
>except the Archive link works.
>Should I interpret this as a bug, or am I still doing something wrong. I 
>don't think I should have to manually patch every list I create just 
>because I'm using an https server for the web interface.

Looks like the URL is generated by the GetBaseArchiveURL function in 
$prefix/Mailman/Archive/Archiver.py which bases it on the config variable 
PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL. Learn something new every day.

>>in fix_url.py for deatils; python is quite easy to read.
>Indeed it is, once you get past the lack of statement delimiters and the 
>fact that indentation level determintes scope. :)
>>>Interesting... I just made a similar change and I'm hoping it's going to
>>>work. Maybe it won't *shrug*
>>>My next thought is to use Apache to rewrite the urls. It can be done,
>>>but it should be consistent in Mailman in the first place. Anyone?
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