[Mailman-Users] cgi-user / create.py

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Thu Jan 30 10:31:09 CET 2003

30-Jan-03 at 00:44, friedrich28 at gmx.de (friedrich28 at gmx.de) wrote :
> Hi there,
> this may seem to you as a simple question, but I'd appreciate some help. I've run 
> mailman's configure-script with the option --with-cgi-gid=www and --with-mail-gid=-
> 2. Now when I'm trying to create a list via www with the create-script, I get the 
> error: RuntimeError: command failed: /sw/sbin/postalias 
> /Users/mailman/data/aliases (status: 1, Operation not permitted). Which certainly 
> is a permissions problem, because running postalias directly as the user mailman 
> updates aliases.db without problems. And, btw, the new list appears correctly in 
> the aliases file.
> But I don't understand at which end this is wrong. Was the cgi-gid set wrong? Or 
> do I need to change the ownership of the aliases files? check-perms renders no 
> errors. Do I need to tell mailman/create.py to run postaliases as user mailman, and 
> if so, how do I do that?

Does postalias run as www ? Anything created via the web is going to run
as the cgi-gid, i.e. www

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