[Mailman-Users] Subscribing problems

delilah at seyyav.pair.com delilah at seyyav.pair.com
Thu Jan 30 14:54:10 CET 2003


I'm running mailman 2.0.6 and have run into an issue with subscriber
members using the listinfo page.  When ever it is used it give the 'we hit
a bug' page.  If one of the field is left blank the script excutes
correctly stating that one of the fields in empty.

I check the error logs and this what I found:

admin(66543):   File "../Mailman/Cgi/subscribe.py", line 74, in main
admin(66543):   File "../Mailman/Cgi/subscribe.py", line 185, in
admin(66543):   SCRIPT_FILENAME: /usr/mailman/cgi-bin/subscribe
admin(66543):   SCRIPT_NAME: /mailman/subscribe
admin(66543):   REQUEST_URI: /mailman/subscribe/foomanchu

Line 185 in subscribe.py is the mlist.AddMember(email, pw, digest, remote)

All the info being entered in correct, any ideas what would cause the
mlist.AddMember function to fail?  Where is the mlist.AddMember function
located?  Any suggestions as to what to check?

I don't know if this matters but I running the exact same setup on another
machine but with python 2.0, the machine that is getting the error is
running python 2.2.2.


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