[Mailman-Users] Nothing gets archived...

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Jan 30 17:41:02 CET 2003

    Skip> I've been using Mailman for a couple years to run several small
    Skip> private, non-archived mailing lists.  Today, I tried creating a
    Skip> public, archived mailing list for the first time.  The list mail
    Skip> comes and goes just fine, but nothing turns up in the archives as
    Skip> far as I can tell.  I googled a bit but couldn't find anything
    Skip> helpful.  I'm hoping one of the experts here can steer me quickly
    Skip> in the right direction before a lot of mail messages flow through
    Skip> unarchived.

After posting my message and getting a "held for the moderator" response but
not hearing anything for awhile (thinking maybe the message had been
"discard"ed), I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to Mailman 2.1.

I now have archives.  Dunno what was wrong w/ my MM 2.0.9 installation, but
the problem is fixed now.



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