[Mailman-Users] 'Pre-sales' questions...

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Thu Jan 30 18:06:22 CET 2003

29-Jan-03 at 09:32, Abbo Peterson (dreambig at onepost.net) wrote :
> Before I consider Mailman as a newsletter mail list solution, I have a
> few questions. I hope you have time to answer them...
> - Does Mailman allow you to create custom headers/footers?  That is,
> can I write specific text and have it be inserted before and after the
> body of each email? You know, "You received this message because...
> (header)" and "If you wish to be removed from this list... (footer)"


> - Does Mailman support attachments, styled text and HTML email formats?
> I'm not a technical guy, is this question about multipart or MIME
> support? I have multiple people who can send email to the list.
> Several use HTML email clients. Does Mailman support that? Does
> Mailman support styled text (bold, color, size changes)? Does Mailman
> support sending attachments?

Yes. However, the bigger the list, the less likely all recipients will
appreciate getting HTML mail. However I have a 12,000 subscriber list
hosted here which is mainly HTML and works OK in Outlook Express, Yahoo!
mail, Hotmail, and several other mail clients. For one-way broadcast
mailing (not spam, it's an opt-in new parents group) we send in plain +
HTML (mixed) so that it looks OK in plaintext too.

> - KEY: Is the header/footer feature supported when using email formats
> other than plain text?  I currently use SmartList for our mailing list
> needs. As soon as the email Content-Type is -not- plain text, the
> header/footer is omitted from the email. Grrr. This happens anytime
> someone attaches a file, styles text or uses the HTML email format. I
> need a mail list solution that supports custom headers/footers -with-
> email Content-Types besides plain text.

I *think* so, but I'd have to run a test for you. Perhaps someone else
can confirm?

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