[Mailman-Users] Doubts

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Thu Jan 30 18:20:14 CET 2003

29-Jan-03 at 08:24, Shaju  Nambiar (shaju_nambiar at rediffmail.com) wrote :
> i have certain doubts abt Mailman
> can we installed this in windows based machine. If yes what are 
> the requirements we need and what will be status.
> can we installed in servers (both unix bases and windows based)
> if yes, please let me know the requirements

It's a package for Unix/Linux systems really, I don't think there is a
Windows "port" although you can get Python for Windows (in cygwin?)

There is cygwin for windows which, along with Python, might allow you to
get it to work, but you might be on your own for problem solving.

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