[Mailman-Users] cgi-user / create.py

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Thu Jan 30 19:05:56 CET 2003

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 friedrich28 at gmx.de wrote:

> > > But I don't understand at which end this is wrong. Was the cgi-gid set wrong? Or
> > > do I need to change the ownership of the aliases files? check-perms renders no
> > > errors. Do I need to tell mailman/create.py to run postaliases as user mailman, and
> > > if so, how do I do that?
> >
> > Does postalias run as www ? Anything created via the web is going to run
> > as the cgi-gid, i.e. www
> No, running postalias as user www generates a "Permission denied" error on the aliases
> file. Hence my question: should I change the file ownership, it's permissions or is there a
> way to run postalias under the user mailman?

The permissions on the aliases file in question need to be readable
by your MTA and read/write by www, so something like this would work
(assuming your MTA is in group mail, for example)

-rw-r-r-- www  mail   aliases


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