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Kathryn Bassett kathryn at bassett.net
Thu Jan 30 23:57:08 CET 2003

Wow, I'm a total novice (less than a week) but know this one since I just *added* something to the footer.

Go to your admin area for the list in question, then click on "Regular-member (non-digest) Options"
Down towards the bottom is "Footer added to mail sent to regular list members"
Default info is:
%(real_name)s mailing list

I added our main website address to the bottom, you are probably talking about removed the last line.

Kathryn Bassett (Pasadena CA)
http://www.databaseadvisors.com (webmaster)
kathryn at bassett.net * http://bassett.net  

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> Which file do I need to tweak in order for me take out the url for list
> info in the footer of the email ?
> Thanks
> jack

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