[Mailman-Users] Getting mailman to use the same smtp connection for messages sent to the same domain

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Fri Jan 31 14:14:19 CET 2003

31-Jan-03 at 14:39, Gareth Hopkins (gareth at uunet.co.za) wrote :
> 	Is there a way to get mailman to deliver messages to the same
> domain in one smtp connection.
> 	Example
> 	a at foo.com
> 	b at foo.com
> 	c at foo.com will all be delivered in the same smtp connection.
> 	At the moment it is connecting, delivering to a at foo.com, then
> disconnecting. Then connects, delivers to b at foo.com and disconnects and
> so on and so on.

Use an MTA that supports connection pooling or whatever it is called,
instead of mailman?

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