[Mailman-Users] [Bug] Cookie from older version

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jan 31 15:01:25 CET 2003

>>>>> "SW" == Simon White <simon at mtds.com> writes:

    SW> Kinda tough if you don't have the mailman version in the
    SW> cookie. A good reason to put it in there, from now on, if it
    SW> isn't there.

    SW> Any other parameter in the cookie which has changed could be
    SW> detected by the new version and force an expiration of the
    SW> cookie immediately so that the problem will go away.

That's not really the problem.  The issue is that there are Apache
rewrite rules you can use to map most of your MM2.0 lists and MM2.1
lists to the same url space.  That means your browser will return both
cookies in the http request because it doesn't know that they're
really separate urls.  You don't want to expire your MM2.0 cookies
since you may still have to admin that older list.  You just don't
want those other cookies to cause a false error in the cookie parsing

Try the patch; I'm pretty confident it'll work.

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