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Bobby and Denise bobby-denise at nova1.net
Fri Jan 31 17:18:06 CET 2003

Forgive me for the simplicity of this suggestion, but if you want to include
the same footer in a given post to all subscribers, couldn't you simply
include the footer at the bottom of your post content?

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding your needs.


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En un mensaje anterior, Jon Carnes escribió:
> Forgive my lack of exact language.  To be more precise, you can turn on
> personalization for a list using the Web-Admin. Once you do that certain
> other features become available and you can then edit the Footer (using
> Web-Admin) and put in variables that will be recognized and replaced by
> Mailman with things like the persons email address, the list name, the
> address, etc.  There is no need to know anything except the names of the
> variables to use in the footer.

Sorry to be insistant, but this is not what I need. I don't need a different
footer for each subscriber. I need a different footer for each post, but
the same to all subscribers.

I realize that I gain some extra footer variables if I turn personalization
but fail to see how any of them relate to including the output from an
commands. Think about including the fortune output in the footer, for

Thanks again!

Fernando P. Schapachnik
fernando at schapachnik.com.ar

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