[Mailman-Users] footer

Fernando Schapachnik fernando at schapachnik.com.ar
Fri Jan 31 17:45:28 CET 2003

En un mensaje anterior, Simon White escribió:
> > I realize that I gain some extra footer variables if I turn personalization on,
> > but fail to see how any of them relate to including the output from an external
> > commands. Think about including the fortune output in the footer, for example.
> Put a wrapper around the aliases, for example:
> list-name at listserver.com	"|/usr/bin/mywrapper|/home/mailman/mail/mailman post list-name"
> Then the script mywrapper could be like this:
> #!/bin/bash
> while read line
> do
> echo "$line"
> done
> fortune=`/usr/games/fortune`
> echo "-- "
> echo $fortune

Thanks for your idea an script. I've allready thought of that, but, as you mentioned,
it is only good for plain text post, but breaks MIME ones, so it is not good enough.

Thanks anyway!

Fernando P. Schapachnik
fernando at schapachnik.com.ar

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