[Mailman-Users] footer

Fernando Schapachnik fernando at schapachnik.com.ar
Fri Jan 31 18:25:40 CET 2003

En un mensaje anterior, Tom Neff escribió:
> If you have the ability to patch your Mailman installation, you could add a 
> new variable name (like mlist.fortune) to the ALLOWEDS array in 
> Mailman/Gui/Digest.py and then use the 'withlist' command to set this 
> variable to a new value every so often, and include it in the msg_footer 
> field in your admin interface.  Or you could do a more direct & brutal 

This is good enough for me. I will look into it. Also, I can call the
set-footer program from aliases, so it is fired everytime somebody mails
the list!

If I come up with something tidy, I like to contrib it back. What is the
standard way to do that?


Fernando P. Schapachnik
fernando at schapachnik.com.ar

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