[Mailman-Users] Getting mailman to use the same smtp connection for messages sent to the same domain

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jan 31 20:43:53 CET 2003

>>>>> "SW" == Simon White <simon at mtds.com> writes:

    SW> Chunking like this means that you're actually sending RCPT TO:
    SW> based on TLD, and then only US TLDs, right? So SMTP_MAX_RCPTS
    SW> set to 50 could mean several different second level domains in
    SW> the same chunk, but for every TLD outside the US there will be
    SW> separate sessions for each mail sent?

Not exactly.  All the other tlds get dropped in the same bucket and
the chunks are filled from the buckets.  There are at most 4 buckets:

0 == everything else
1 == .com
2 == .org .net
3 == .edu .us .ca

    SW> Not exactly easy in real code, but if what you say about the
    SW> algorithm is true, then I could seriously improve performance
    SW> for my lists by doing this. Right now, my MTA takes over 3
    SW> hours to deliver the bulk of my 12000 subscriber list (not
    SW> including bounces and poor receiving MX hosts).

I'm highly doubtful that the chunking algorithm is your problem.  More
likely its an mta issue.


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