[Mailman-Users] HTML interface to set DEFAULT_URL

Vivek Khera khera at kcilink.com
Fri Jan 31 22:23:49 CET 2003

>>>>> "BAW" == Barry A Warsaw <barry at python.org> writes:

MP> I need to change the default URL for all my lists. Any easy
MP> way to do this?

BAW> bin/fix_url.py and/or bin/withlist

I had to do this for one list which changed virtual domains last
week.  I had hoped that the bin/config_list would dump out that
variable, because it sure took me some digging into the source to find
that I had to change m.web_host_url (or whatever the field was...

I also discovered that this is how Mailman decides under which virtual
host to show the list...

I think it should be updated to match the new virtual host definition
when you change the desider email host from the GUI... but I'm not
sure the implications of it.  That is, I guess I expected the GUI
change of the host name to do the same as the -u option of fix_url.py.

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