[Mailman-Users] Getting mailman to use the same smtp connection for messages sent to the same domain

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Fri Jan 31 22:51:45 CET 2003

31-Jan-03 at 16:09, Vivek Khera (khera at kcilink.com) wrote :
> >>>>> "BAW" == Barry A Warsaw <barry at python.org> writes:
> BAW> SMTP_MAX_SESSIONS_PER_CONNECTION determines how many chunks it sends
> BAW> down the same socket connection to the mta.  Again, a negative number
> BAW> means blast all the chunks down the same connection.
> With postfix, this would be ideal.  It has no problems accepting
> at least 50,000+ individual SMTP transactions per connection.

This is definitely something for me to look at. Thanks.

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