[Mailman-Users] RE: Welcome Mail and List Mail Text

NetInfo NetInfo at PerfectSites.com
Fri Jan 31 06:45:58 CET 2003

Greetings Mailman,

My name is Shirley Marshall of Perfect Sites Web Design, and I have just recently partnered with Web4Designer to host my clients' sites, and they use Mailman for their mailing needs.

Now I've gotten the whole mailing list set up for my client, and it seems to be functioning great - with one major glitch!  My client - and most of my other clients who will soon follow this one - does NOT want this to be a 'post-to' mailing list.  It is to be used exclusively to send out newsletters and other mailings, but is not designed to be a discussion list.

I've managed to disable that option/link in most places, but, it continues to come up on every Welcome Mail as well as being automatically inserted at the top of every mailing!  I cannot find anywhere to edit this part of the mails and it is causing confusion and many problems for my client.

How can I go about removing the option/link to post to the mailing list from the e-mails?  I had hoped that disabling that option in your settings area would automagically remove the option/link on the mails, but it is still showing up.

I would very much appreciate it if you could explain to me how I can accomplish this in 'layman's terms' as I do not understand 'tech-speak'!

And if at all possible, it would probably be best if you could explain it to me so I can make the necessary changes, because I already know there are at least four more clients of mine coming on board at Web4Designer and they ALL will NOT want to have the option to post included on their mailing lists!  

Since this is something that will need to be done on virtually all of my client's accounts, I'm sure it would be much easier for you also, if you can just show me once what needs to be done, and then I will be able to do it in the future without troubling you!  ;-)

I look forward to your speedy reply and hope to resolve this issue in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this urgent matter!

Best Regards,

Shirley Marshall
Perfect Sites Web Design

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