[Mailman-Users] Install question

Ed ed at easent.net
Mon Jul 7 07:14:37 CEST 2003

Hi List,

I have RedHat9,  Postfix 2.0.13, and Mailman 2.1.2 ...  I've installed it 
per all the readme's and I can send mail to the list and receive mail from 
the list.  However !

My server is listx.somedom.tld  and all of my lists [ for now ] will be 
listname at listx.somedom.tld ...

There are A and MX records pointing at this server and they resolve to 
listx.somedom.tld  ...

My problem is that Mailman always responds as and provides a return address 
as  listname [ or command name ] @ somedom.tld ...  It totally ignores the 
"listx"  part of the address ...

I configured it in the mm_cfg.py properly for both the default_url_host and 
default_email host  and it generates the links properly in the emails BUT 
the return address is always wrong !

Help !  It's got to be something simple I'm sure ;-)

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