[Mailman-Users] mailing list vs. posting list

Robert Carsey rcarsey at monmouth.edu
Thu Jul 10 20:44:57 CEST 2003

One of the features of majordomo was that you could separate the
addresses on the mailing-list and the addresses which were able to post
to the list  (i think it was the restricted_posters= config option).

In my case, I have an all-staff list and an all-faculty list.  Sometimes
our staff (not on the faculty list) sends reminder notices to the
faculty (apparently they are old and forget things easily or

The obvious thing to do is to open up the mailing list so _anyone_ can
post to it ---  great, but I don't want disgruntled students sending
stuff to the list.  Which used to happen a lot. :(

The next obvious thing to do is to also add the staff to the faculty
list, but mark them as "disabled" -- still subscribed, but they won't
receive e-mail.

Last but not least, the list (or site) admin can manually approve
messages from the staff. ugh.

Are there any other options for me to consider?
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