[Mailman-Users] The easiest way to subscribe with a no delivery setting?

JC Dill mailman at vo.cnchost.com
Tue Jul 15 22:09:22 CEST 2003

I need to add ~80 names to a list and have these particular subscribers set 
to not receive email.  Is there a way to do this when bulk adding?

Is there a way to request this type of setting when adding if you subscribe 
via email?

I know that I can mass add them, then go to the administrative page and 
change their settings one-by-one.  The problem is that these names will be 
mixed among the ~1000 names that were already added, and I'll have to go 
thru them in 30 name chunks!   :-(

Finally, if some kind person will remind me how to change the 
administrative page setting so we get more than 30 names per page, it would 
really help.



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