[Mailman-Users] keep users from turning off delivery

Robert C. Jacobson Robert.Jacobson at gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Jul 21 21:43:26 CEST 2003

At 03:04 PM -0400 7/21/03, Jon Carnes wrote:
>How is this any different than an ordinary aliases list?

Perhaps you are joking here, but I'll answer anyway.  I assume you 
are referring to the MTA built-in aliases.  I'd like non-root users 
to be able to add people to the list.  I previously ran this list on 
majordomo, but everyone says "mailman, mailman, mailman", so here I 

>But seriously, if you want to use Mailman, you can tell it not to mail a
>welcome message (this is what has the password in it).

I figured that part out  (yay for me :)  )  But then they can just go 
to the web interface for your email address (e.g. 
And tell it to email you a password reminder.

>Then you can
>disable the listinfo portion of the web so that they can't get the
>password from the Web-portion, and you can simply route the
><listname>-request alias for the list to go to the admins.

How do you disable that?  And does that also disable the options screen?

>Don't forget to setup the config of the list to *not* look for
>administrative requests going to the list.
>Good Luck

If this gets too complicated, I guess I'll switch back to majordomo :-/

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