[Mailman-Users] How to show name in the subscriber list mailman 2.1.2 ?

Steve Burling srb at umich.edu
Wed Jul 23 02:50:10 CEST 2003

--On Tuesday, July 22, 2003 9:21 AM +0100 Rob Brandt <bronto at csd-bes.net> 

> Yes, I'm sure I misunderstood since I may not have gotten the original
> question that you answered.
> I was hoping for a subscriber's list function including names that could
> be browsed from the listinfo page.  I've never really understood why it's
> not there in the first place; I've never seen the usefulness of showing a
> subscriber's list on listinfo containing only email addresses.

To which I reply:

Funny, when I go to the Membership Management pages for my lists (MM 
2.1.2), the membership list show the names.  Is it just that you want to 
see more at once, or what am I missing?

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