[Mailman-Users] Write your own (WAS: How to show name in the subscriber list)

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Wed Jul 23 03:25:05 CEST 2003

  John DeCarlo wrote:
>Another alternative is to fiddle with the email "who" command - a script
>I posted earlier.  Then by email you can get subscriber's full names.

      I you really want it on a web page write the code to do that.  The 
commands can be run with a cron job and output to a file.  If you know some 
basic Linux and some basic html you can put just about any Mailman 
information onto a web page.  I use a lot of virtual includes - a cron job 
updates the include file, and that updates the web page.
      I've put together a page that shows all the list I administer.  I 
shows number of members and number of pending messages.  It has an alphabet 
that links to the member list for that letter, and a link to things like 
the add member form, archives, and so on.

<>< Paul, pretty good with html, but a real newbie hack with Linux 

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