[Mailman-Users] Big delays wrapper to delivery

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Sun Jul 27 00:34:06 CEST 2003

On Saturday, July 26, 2003, at 08:09 PM, Nicolas Bertrand wrote:

> Hello
> We have a few low volume mailing lists . We have been been happy with
> the performance since instigating these (about a year and half ago) and
> these mailing lists have become quite important.
> However, suddenly, delivery times to subscribers have increased to 8-12
> hours and cannot figure out what has gone wrong...
> Info:
> 1.MTA is postfix.
> 2.Mail gets received by the email server which then triggers 'wrapper
> post'
> Then it takes 8-12 hours to get the mail delivered.
> 3.This problem is specific to mailing lists (all the other mail is 
> fine)
> 4. The load on the server is minimal
> 5. no locks
> 6. nothing in qfiles
> 7. no errors in ~mailman/logs
> 8. no error in maillog
> 9. qrunner is executed by cron every minute, no error is being
> generated. Same thing, with running qrunner manually from the command
> line.
> Any ideas?
> Nic

Is that 8 to 12 hours for a message between the following times:

1. from the time the MTA's log records as delivering the message to the 

2. to the time logged by MM in post and smtp logs for the message going 
out to the subscribers.

Does time (2) fit with the MTA's log showing the time it got the 
outgoing message from MM? What time does the MTA show handing off the 
message to the next MTA?

If time (1) to time (2) is where the 8 to 12 hours is going, are you 
saying nothing is showing in the qfiles directory during that time?

Assume you are using MM 2.0.x; which value of x?

Which MTA?

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