[Mailman-Users] moving a list to new server

Kirk R. Wythers kwythers at umn.edu
Wed Jul 30 17:04:47 CEST 2003

I am trying to move a list (archives intact) to a new server. Trouble is
that when I call up the listinfo page, the old server name is still
intact. But, setting up a new testlist on the new server shows the
correct servers name in listinfo/testlist. I tried a grep for the two
server names and got:

root at lorax:148 grep -r fireweed * | egrep -v 'logs|archives|qfiles'
Mailman/mm_cfg.py:DEFAULT_HOST_NAME = 'fireweed.org'
Binary file Mailman/mm_cfg.pyc matches
Binary file lists/neighborsunited/config.db matches
Binary file lists/neighborsunited/config.db.last matches
Binary file lists/neighborsunited/config.pck matches
Binary file lists/neighborsunited/config.pck.last matches
Binary file lists/mailman/config.pck matches
Binary file lists/mailman/config.pck.last matches
root at lorax:149 more Mailman/mm_cfg.py

root at lorax:147 grep -r lorax * | egrep -v 'logs|archives|qfiles'
Mailman/Defaults.py:DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'lorax.forestry.umn.edu'
Mailman/Defaults.py:DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'lorax.forestry.umn.edu'
Binary file Mailman/Defaults.pyc matches
Binary file lists/testlist/config.pck matches
Binary file lists/testlist/config.pck.last matches

fireweed is the old sever name (lorax is the new one), so I went ahead
and changed mm_cfg.py to the new hostname (I must have copied the old
mm_cfg.py file over when I moved the list). 

However, I'm still getting the old server name in /listinfo/oldlist,
therefor I'm figureing that the binary files that are associated with
the oldlist-oldservername need to be regenerated.

Does anyone know how to do this?



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