[Mailman-Users] archiving

Sylvain Langlade sylvain at adv-informatique.fr
Thu Jul 31 17:53:40 CEST 2003

> I had an archive up and running and doing fine. I did not
> change anything to
> the setting but messages are being send but not archived.
> Anyone have a hint
> as to what the problem might be?

IIRC, I once got this problem with HTML messages produced with standard
email client. If your list is configured to accept such messages without
stripping the HTML part, the message is not archived (you have to do it
manually with $prefix/bin/arch).

I had to configure all lists to strip out the HTML part of all incoming
message. Which leads to a problem for HTML-only messages produced by web
client like Hotmail...

So try to send a raw text message to your list and see if it appears in the


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