[Mailman-Users] Mailman.Errors.NotAMemberError from password reminder cron

Eric D. Christensen edc at proadmin.com
Sun Jun 1 18:24:47 CEST 2003

I had this problem a while back. Barry tracked it down to being a user
without a password. Thanks again Barry!.

Upgrade to 2.1.2. There are patches that were rolled onto 2.1.2 to deal
with this situation a little more gracefully.

Barry also sent me the following bin/withlist function to test fo
missing passwords. Save this to ban/verify.pl then invoke it as
'bin/withlist -r verify listname' (where listname is, of course, the
name of your list). Find you user with a null password and then set one
for them you'll all fixed. 

def verify(mlist):
    members = {}
    for m in mlist.members.keys():
        members[m] = None
    for m in mlist.digest_members.keys():
        members[m] = None
    for m, p in mlist.passwords.items():
        if not members.has_key(m):
            print 'password for non-member:', m
            members[m] = p
    for m, p in members.items():
        if p is None:
            print 'no password for member:', m
    print 'done'

Eric D. Christensen <edc at proadmin.com>
Proadmin, Inc.

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