[Mailman-Users] Other mailman archive questions

Steve Rothman steve.rothman at creo.com
Mon Jun 2 16:04:18 CEST 2003

It doesn't seem like the mailman archives get discussed very much on 
mailman-users - is there a better forum?

I'm curious about all kinds of customization that might be possible. 
The built-in archives are quite nice but I'm curious to see if they 
can be made a little more friendly and useful.  I almost wonder if 
they can come close to a "web forum" interface for people that prefer 
that sort of thing to email.

I have used mhonarc a little in the past for a different project. I 
have to admit, I'm a baby when it comes to either perl or python. 
(I'm a kindergardener in php.)

I'm curious about trying to push the boundaries on how the archives 
work, and I'm curious if it makes more sense to try and fool around 
with either the mailman archives or mhonarc on the one hand, or to 
fool around with setting up an email gateway so that list messages 
can be automatically posted on some existing web forum system (like 
phorum or phpbb). Any advice?

Thanks much.  -Steve

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