[Mailman-Users] does arch interpret mbox files or read them litteraly?

Adam Lipson adaml at jbase.com
Wed Jun 4 01:17:38 CEST 2003

When I run arch I get a different format than I do from pine or elm IE does arch interpret the mbox file and post the messages in the archive as formatted text or does it just litteraly look for the divisions of the messages and post the messages into the archive?  The reason I ask is I have been struggling to convert 4000+ messages from outlook, outlook express, eudora, mozilla you name it to an mbox (and this I can do easily) and then import that mbox into the archives or move the messages via IMAP.  My unix mail programs read the mbox easily and the messages appear properly formatted, but when arch parses them and posts them on the web page everything looks like html encoded text ie

<font = soemthing> <size= somethign> text here </font> </size> or something to that effect.

is there a flag that I am missing?  I can't find it anywhere ./arch -h tells me to just give the filename and man arch just tells me about my system architecture.  Is there something I have done wrong?


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