[Mailman-Users] Passwords

Derek Simkowiak dereks at realloc.net
Thu Jun 5 00:18:33 CEST 2003

	I think mailing list passwords are The Worst Thing Ever.

	Is there an option to disable them completely within Mailman?  I'd like 
all user options to be confirmed via a confirmation email.  Googling 
only gave me old or incomplete information.

	If this is not possible, I am willing to add this feature to Mailman if 
someone can tell me where to look.

Thank You,
Derek Simkowiak
dereks at realloc dot net

Why I Hate Mailing List Passwords
By Derek Simkowiak

1. Remembering passwords is a pain in the ass.

2. We sysadmins have spent years trying to train people to NOT put 
passwords in emails.

3. Whenever I change any Mailman option on any list, it's a matter of

	1. Go to the webpage.
	2. Click "Password Reminder"
	3. Back to the MUA, wait for the password, cut'n'paste, back to the web 
	4. Ergo, more pain in the assedness.

Desired behaviour:

	Replace the "password reminder" email with a simple "confirmation" 
email.  If you want to keep user options hidden then replace the 
"Password Reminder" button with a "Email me my options page URL" button, 
which emails the user a URL with an embedded cookie.


1. More secure (no password to get stolen, you must have access to the 
Inbox to change user options -- like it should be).

2. No more mailing list "password" to confuse endusers ("Is that the 
same as my email password?"  "Why won't my password work?"  "Can you 
change my password?"  "I never got my password...", "What CAPS LOCK 
button?", "I want [X] as my password", "I'll just use my [HIGHLY 
SENSITIVE] password that I use at work.", etc.  You admins know what I'm 
talking about here.)

3. No more retarded cut'n'paste bullshit

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