[Mailman-Users] header problems with the mailpasswords cron

Dallas Bethune dallas at dreamhost.com
Thu Jun 5 01:30:30 CEST 2003

One of our users has reported that the headers for the montly password
reminder email had incorrect headers like so:

Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 05:26:52 -0700
Subject: lists.domain1.dreamhost.com mailing list memberships reminder
From: mailman-owner at lists.dreamhost.com
To: user at domain.com
X-No-Archive: yes
X-Ack: no
Sender: domain2.com-admin at lists.domain2.com
X-BeenThere: domain2.com at lists.domain2.com
X-Mailman-Version: 2.0.13

I haven't posted the actual headers to protect the privacy of the users, and
have instead replaced the original domain names with domain1 and domain2.
Note that the 2 domains are in no way related other than the fact that we
host both of the lists on our shared mailman installation.

Why would the Sender and X-BeenThere headers show a completely different
domain?  The From is correct and shows the 'lists.dreamhost.com' domain,
which is set up as the DEFAULT_HOST_NAME.

I checked the faqs and didn't see anything about this.  What sets the Sender
and X-BeenThere headers?  The mailpasswords cron script does not mention
those headers.


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