[Mailman-Users] UnpicklingError: could not find MARK???

Mike Alberghini sysmda at zim.gsu.edu
Thu Jun 5 17:12:58 CEST 2003

While trying to accept and reject postings in the admin interface, one
of my users got the following error:


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/apps/mailman/scripts/driver", line 87, in run_main
  File "/apps/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/admindb.py", line 212, in main
    show_message_requests(mlist, form, msgid)
  File "/apps/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/admindb.py", line 521, in show_message_requests
    show_post_requests(mlist, id, info, 1, 1, form)
  File "/apps/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/admindb.py", line 554, in show_post_requests
    msg = readMessage(os.path.join(mm_cfg.DATA_DIR, filename))
  File "/apps/mailman/Mailman/ListAdmin.py", line 576, in readMessage
    msg = cPickle.load(fp)
UnpicklingError: could not find MARK

I'm quite stumped as to what the error at the bottom means.  Any suggestions?

Basic info:
Mailman 2.1 running on a Sun X1 running Solaris 8.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  thanks.
Michael Alberghini
Software Systems Engineer
Georgia State University
mike at gsu.edu

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