[Mailman-Users] problem posting to newsgroups w/ mailman

Mark LaHaie marklh at norcoast.com
Thu Jun 5 23:42:37 CEST 2003


We experiencing a problem with mailman version 2.0.13 , while using it's 
ability to post to a newsgorup

We are running mailman on a Virtual Private Server at our hosted account 
at Verio.com that is running FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE (VKERN) #9

We have created a newsgroup on our Virtual private server.

We have a mail list created with no users, and have it configured to 
post any email it receives to the newsgroup.

The feature works, EXCEPT when I purposely submit two to three emails to 
the maillist at the same time  ( because this could easily happen in our 
scenario ).

About 75% of the time,  only one of two emails posts to the newsgroup. 
 The other times - the 2nd ( and even  3rd) emails do not make it to the 
newsgroup.- and I don't know where they go?

Verio Tech support has watched their logs, and sees the emails arrive, 
and SENDMAIL  hands them to the script that is supposed to submit the 
email to the maillist   - the alias script is: ==>   
 "|usr/local/mailman/wrapper post rays_general"     ( where ' 
rays_general is the name of the maillist we created ".

I have conducted the test enough times to know the failure occurs the 
majority of the time - but not every time - with no pattern of failure.

I am NOT  knowledgeable in Unix or Mailman, but if this situation is a 
known anomaly that I can fix with any configuration parameters, patches, 
etc.  -

I would REALLY appreciate it as we NEED this feature to be reliable.

I can be reached at:  marklh @ norcoast.com, or markl @ aracnet.com - 

If someone knows of a script that can be custom written - to post an 
email directly to the newsgroup - and not even use ' mailman' - we can 
contract that work.

Thanks in advance.

Mark L

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