[Mailman-Users] HTDIG patches reprieved (was HTDIG patches! Arghh!)

John Buttery john at io.com
Fri Jun 6 14:57:34 CEST 2003

* Colin Mackinlay <colin at mackinlay.demon.co.uk> [2003-06-05 23:05:02 +0100]:
> I am continually impressed by the number of websites I visit that run
> mailman and I know that lots of them use your patch. Thank you for
> re-thinking and I do hope that it becomes fully integrated into a future
> release to save you having to update something that isn't broken.

  Amen...I just wanted to add my voice to this thread.  Actually, I
don't even use your patches.  :)  Well, not directly.  But I've
benefited from them many times on the web, when various programs I
needed support for used Mailman to run their mailing lists and actually
had searchable archives.  So I guess I'm kind of coming from the other
end of this...
  Personally, I'd like to see this integrated into the main tree as
well.  It seems like a theme, too...there hasn't been this much
squawking about something on this list since the 2.1 personalization To:
field debacle!  :)  (Which by the way, as a side note to the Mailman
devs on that one, thanks for making the right decision on that...feature
good, making it the default bad. ;))

John    # print grep($_=sprintf("%c",exp($_)),split(/\s+/,<<' ')),"\n";
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www.io.c# 4.758 4.649 4.620 4.741 3.481 4.388 4.620 4.741
om/~john# 4.687 3.481 4.649 4.580 4.600 4.677 4.620 4.741
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