[Mailman-Users] Removal of all body attachments in immediate admin notification emails

Steve Werby steve-lists at befriend.com
Fri Jun 6 17:36:32 CEST 2003

I'm a long-time Mailman admin/user and a number of list admins on a server I
administer have requested removal of the message body attachment in the
immediate notifications.  Apparently the vast majority of the approval
requests are spam and due to the effect of the email on their local
anti-spam software and dislike of the ramifications of their MUA loading
embedded visible images and web bugs, they'd prefer to get the
notifications, just without the body attached.

I've read the FAQ, source distro docs and searched the mailman-users
archives and google, but haven't had any success finding a solution.

Is there a code modification can do any of the following or can someone
point me in the right direction in the code?

1. Removal of all body attachments in notifications globally.
2. Removal of all body attachments in notifications on a per-list basis.
3. De-MIMEing or simple stripping of any remote content in body attachments
(though this wouldn't fully address the anti-spam s/w concerns, it would
address the MUA concerns).

Or any other solutions that can address some or all of the issues?  I have
no Python programming experience, but am experienced with PHP, Perl and bash
(among others) so at worst if someone can point me in the right direction I
can attempt to hack the existing code to at least accomplish #1 above.

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

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