[Mailman-Users] no mail to outside users

DDM COMPUTERS - Danny Moss ddm at ddmcomputers.com
Sat Jun 7 05:06:22 CEST 2003

HI John,

please find answer to your questions below the question and  I have 
attached some files as well
thank you for you help..
Danny moss

John DeCarlo wrote:

> Danny,
> Hard to say.  Need to figure out where the error is occurring.
> 1.  Do you get the messages sent from the Internet on the lists you 
> subscribe to?  (This would indicate that Mailman gets the messages, 
> but can't correctly send email to the Internet, just to the LAN.) 

Yes Last night I  signed a user up here myself  and then got him to post 
a message and everybody on the lan system got it ..
before I go any further I have three mail list here at the moment
 List                                               email address
exericotas                             exericotas at lnx-vk7hdm.dnsalias.org
Rhsreunion                            rhsreunion at lnx-vk7hdm.dnsalias.org
amiga                                     amiga at lnx-vk7hdm.dnsalias.org

what I have found in log file though is
in /var/log/mailman
bounce file
Jun 01 19:56:02 2003 (18534)Exericotas: ncgadd at useoz.com - first
and so on for member that should be signed up but are not
then down further I have
Jun 02 22:53:51 2003 (29909) exericotas: address ncgadd at useoz.com not a 

then in the
has date time  (number) exericotas: otherusers - first

it has mostt of the users that should be signed up
there or in the bounce
then in a file
may 30 06:15:06 2003 (20400) Could not acquire gate_news lock

> 2.  If you don't get the messages, do they show up as being received 
> in the Postfix logs?  (This would indicate that Mailman doesn't get 
> the message, but the computer does.  I think this very unlikely, though.)
> 3.  Can you send mail from the Internet to a personal account on the 
> same machine?  (This would tell you whether anyone  can send any email 
> to your machine.  Postfix logs would be interesting for this, too.  If 
> the only successful receipts are from the internal LAN, need to figure 
> out why.)

Yes I think this is working but will get a mate to comfirm it again today

> 4.  Can you send mail to the Internet from a personal account on the 
> same machine as Mailman?

yes with no trouble at all

> Typical suspects would include:
> DNS (A. Can your machine resolve Internet addresses to be able to send 
> email?  B.  Are you listed in DNS so people

yes no problems

> sending email to your machine will get through?)
> Mail routing.  Are you connected to an ISP that requires all email to 
> the Internet go through their mail server?  Is your Mailman machine 
> correctly set up in Postfix to do this?
> DDM COMPUTERS - Danny Moss wrote:
>> Now i have fully rebuilt my system with the same copy of mailman on 
>> it and same redhat 8.0 but noew nobody gets any mail from mailman out 
>> side of my local lan.
>> I can subscribe to all the lists in fact everybody it the house on 
>> the lan can but nobody from the internet gets any mail back they use 
>> the web interface or just send email they never get anything back..
>> I can use the web interface or just send email and I get an answer 
>> straight away any ideas ..
>> what have I missed ..

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