[Mailman-Users] mailman python process out of control 2.1.2

Mark Dadgar mark at pdc-racing.net
Mon Jun 9 05:28:15 CEST 2003

Benjamin Ash at bash at twignation.com wrote:
> It looks like a mailman 2.1.2 process has been running for days, using
> 99% of the cpu.
> I have restarted the mailman qrunner serveral times, but the python
> process jumps up immediately to 99%.
> Any ideas what could be causing this, I am running python 2.2.3, note it
> was doing the same thing under python 2.1.x

When I experienced this, it was because htdig barfed doing it's nightly
thing and cron tried to send 20MB of error messages to the "mailman" mailing
list.  Python spun for hours and hours trying to process that bad boy.

Look and see if you have some massive email queued that mailman is trying to

- Mark
mark at pdc-racing.net

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